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Complementary Tips for Preventing Dental Plaque

Posted on 3/15/2024 by Weo Admin
Photo pf plaque tooth at Dynamic Dental Care in Spokane, WAPlaque is a sticky coating that naturally covers your teeth. It forms due to an acidic reaction when bacteria and saliva interact with lodged food particles. If you do not brush after eating, plaque will turn into tartar and cause various oral issues. Fortunately, you can easily prevent dental plaque by maintaining proper oral hygiene. Below are some complementary tips to help you thwart dental plaque:

Brush Regularly

Regular brushing is a practical way of preventing dental plaque. Brushing removes bacteria and stuck food particles that cause plaque. We suggest you brush at least twice daily for two minutes. Use a soft toothbrush with fluoride toothpaste to fight plaque.

Floss Daily

Besides brushing, flossing is a critical part of oral care. It removes lodged food debris between the teeth, gumline, and areas a regular brush cannot access. We recommend you floss at least once daily before bedtime. For best results, consider flossing before brushing your teeth. You can use a traditional floss string or water flosser for flossing.

Eat Healthy Foods

Some foods and beverages increase the likelihood of plaque buildup. For instance, sugary snacks, starchy foods, and carbonated soft drinks increase the chances of dental plaque. As such, embrace healthy foods like cheese, plain yogurt, and raw fruit to help combat plaque. Some fruits and vegetables can help remove plaque and clean your mouth naturally.

Chew Sugar-Free Gum

If you are traveling or cannot brush your teeth immediately after a meal, you can chew sugar-free gum to prevent plaque buildup. Sugarless gum increases saliva in your mouth, helping break down stuck food particles and fight plaque-causing bacteria.

Schedule Dental Cleanings

If plaque remains on your teeth for extended periods, it can cause severe dental concerns like tooth decay and gingivitis. The good news is that you can prevent these issues by scheduling deep dental cleaning. Contact us to book an appointment with our dental hygienists for professional teeth cleaning.
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