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Why the Digital Age Has Made Dentistry Easier

Posted on 5/15/2024 by Dynamic Dental
Photo of dentist show patient online appointment request form atDynamic Dental Care in Spokane, WASay what you want about the digital age - it has made many aspects of our lives easier. We no longer have to wait for a friend or relative to call us from a pay phone during a long trip or in an emergency. Also, the days of getting a map out of the glovebox on a trip are over because cars, computers, and phones all have directions via GPS. We even have tiny cameras that send videos and photos to our phones or laptops from home security systems. The digital age has made dentistry easier for dentists as well as their patients.

Digital X-Rays

Digital X-rays have really improved dental techniques for our dentists. We no longer have to wait for X-rays to be developed because digital X-rays give us instant access to patient photos. We can share photos between our staff and even other dental practices for consultation, such as periodontists, endodontists, oral surgeons, and orthodontists, which cuts down on patient travel time and shortens the length of time between appointments. We can use digital X-rays to pinpoint specific patient issues so we can get them fixed as quickly as possible.

Also, digital X-rays improve the comfort of our patients, especially our pediatric patients or patients who disliked the old bitewing X-rays. Digital X-rays are faster and less invasive, so everyone feels more comfortable.

3D Imaging and Printing

Many dentists are taking advantage of gains in digital technology, such as 3D modeling and printing. Dental offices can use modeling techniques to look at mouth structures and help diagnose patient problems. These modeling techniques allow dental practitioners to see changes in the mouth over time, which makes even the smallest issue easier to see.

Three-dimensional printers have been a great addition to digital technology because they allow dentists to make dental appliances in the office rather than sending crowns and mouthguards out to be completed. This means patients no longer have to wait weeks to get their permanent crowns, for example, because dentists can make them while the patient is still in the office.
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