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Calcified Tooth and How to Treat It

Posted on 5/29/2020 by Dynamic Dental Office
Calcified Tooth and How to Treat It
If you discover during a dental appointment that you have a calcified tooth, don't panic. Calcified tooth can be easily treated, although you may be wondering what caused them in the first place.

What is Calcified Tooth?

Calcified tooth is also known as pulp canal obliteration or calcific metamorphosis. Although these names may be alarming, a calcified tooth doesn't require emergency treatment.
Calcified tooth is formed when your tooth suffer a severe injury or trauma and the root canal space, which contains the soft tissue pulp, fills up with calcified tissue.
Almost one-quarter of all traumatized tooth become partially or completely calcified.

A calcified tooth may change in appearance. In many cases, the tooth may become darker or become yellow. A lot of times calcified tissues do not exhibit any other symptoms, which is why it is important to have regular dental checkups at Dynamic Dental Care.
Dr. Huish and can take an x-ray of an affected tooth and see whether the pulp camber is partially visible or not visible at all. The root canal may also appear considerably narrower or become invisible because of the buildup of hard tissue.

Treatment for a Calcified Tooth

A lot of time, calcification does not pose any problems. In this case, treatment may not be necessary. However, you may consider treatment when:
[[[DIVSTYLE:margin-left:25px|[[[BulletList:The tooth becomes discolored: If your tooth becomes dark, we may be able to recommend you the appropriate cosmetic procedure to restore its color.

If you ever suffer a blow to or near your mouth, make sure you let us know as soon as possible. There is a big chance the area will heal well without any long-term repercussions. However, if it does get calcified, Dr. Huish and can treat it in an appropriate way.
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