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6 Month Smiles
Spokane, WA

Beautiful smiling blond woman with hair in face after Six Month Smiles treatment at Dynamic Dental Care in Spokane, WAFor individuals seeking to straighten their teeth, spending a year or two wearing orthodontic devices can be tough. Traditional dental braces usually take a long time to deliver results. As such, at Dynamic Dental Care, we make your dream come true within a short time with 6 Month Smiles. Utilizing a specially guided orthodontic system, we are able to correct teeth misalignment, crookedness, and spacing issues for adults within an average treatment time of six months.

What Is 6 Month Smiles?

This teeth straightening system consists of clear aligners, clear brackets, and color-matched wires to straighten teeth. This type of teeth bracket and wire orthodontic device works to straighten the front as well as lower teeth within an average timeline of six months. Many adult patients seeking treatment to straighten teeth are able to get results within that timeline; nonetheless, some patients may take longer or even a shorter period based on their misalignment problems.

Why Choose 6 Months Smiles?

Our orthodontist can correct various orthodontic issues with clear braces brackets and tooth-colored nickel-titanium wires. The low-movement forces combined with the short overall treatment duration allow patient comfort, oral hygiene, and safety. As such, 6 Month Smiles braces are ideal for those who need cosmetic teeth straightening benefits associated with braces but cannot stand the complex bite or occlusion correction techniques or systems such as Invisalign and traditional metal braces.

Who Is a Candidate?

People with misalignment problems like rotations, extrusions, intrusions, and tipping can benefit from this short-term orthodontic treatment. It is suitable for resolving concerns arising from cosmetic dental issues observed in the front teeth, including spacing issues or diastemas, open bites, overbites, overlapping teeth, crowding, and reverse smile lines.

6 Month Smiles Procedure

Your short-term orthodontic treatment begins with a thorough exam of the oral cavity. Our dentist checks the gums, teeth, and overall oral health. X-rays, facial photos, and intraoral photos are also obtained. Impressions of your teeth are taken to make models to help the dentist demonstrate to the patient how the teeth fit together.

After ascertaining your candidacy for 6 Month Smiles, we utilize the models to determine the exact movement of teeth needed to get a straighter smile. Further, the models can map out the locations where the clear brackets and color-matched wires will be mounted.

The next appointment involves fitting the brackets and archwires. Our orthodontist attaches the brackets to your teeth using bonding adhesive. The brackets come accurately positioned inside a customized tray. As such, we find it easy to place them in the exact location they should be on your teeth. The dentist inserts the tray containing the brackets into the mouth, ensuring proper seating of the teeth brackets. After the brackets are bonded in, the tray is removed.

Our dentist then hardens the adhesive with a special light for a proper and secure fit. Thereafter, the dentist attaches the color-matched archwires and adjusts them so that proper tooth movement is achieved. Once you have your 6 Month Smiles brackets and archwires fully attached to your teeth, you then need to come in every four to five weeks for adjustments and archwire tightening until the treatment is complete.

Visit us at Dynamic Dental Care to talk about 6 Month Smiles and if you are a candidate for this orthodontic treatment. Call us at (509) 466-2587 to schedule your appointment.
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