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Bone Grafting
Spokane, WA

Patient sitting in dental chair reviewing x-ray with a dentistBone grafting is a common procedure performed by our experts at Dynamic Dental Care for patients who have bone loss in the jawbone and would like dental implants. Find out if you could benefit from the procedure by restoring your bone loss.

What is a Bone Graft?

A bone graft consists of bone grafting material that could be harvested from your own body, another person's, an animal's, or from a synthetic biocompatible material called hydroxyapatite. The healthy cells in a bone graft regenerate new bone which will increase the size of the jawbone to enable the insertion of a dental implant.

What is the Bone Grafting Procedure Like?

The bone grafting procedure is relatively straightforward. Before starting the procedure, our professional will administer a localized anesthetic to the surgical site. They will then make an incision or several incisions, depending on how many grafts are being completed. Small bone fragments are carefully attached to the existing structure until it has been repaired and fortified. Our team will then suture the incision site closed. They will provide you with detailed aftercare instructions, such as which foods to avoid so that you do not irritate the incisions. If necessary, our professional may provide you with prescription-strength ibuprofen or other pain relief medication.

Where is the Bone Harvested From?

The bone used for dental bone grafts generally comes from one of several sources. One of the most common sources for bone fragments is that which is harvested from cadavers. Grafts using cadaver bone fragments are called allografts. The other common dental bone graft involves using synthetic bone-like material. This synthetic material is combined with small fragments of bone harvested from you. Once the synthetic material is mixed with your bone material, it is grafted back onto your jawbone. Using synthetic material can be more costly, but it has an extremely high success rate since it is an extension of your bone material.

Is the Recovery Long?

The recovery from the bone grafting procedure is brief and relatively painless. In fact, many patients are able to resume their normal activities the same day of the procedure and experience only mild tenderness and soreness for a few days. The sutures will remain in place for five to seven days and will dissolve on their own. While the initial recovery is quick and easy, the entire grafting process will take much longer. Most patients will not experience complete fusion of the bone fragments for several months. Although it is less common, fusion can even take as long as an entire year to occur. Our team will monitor your progress during this time through the use of digital imaging. Bone grafting provides some basic health benefits, such as strengthening your jawbone, which helps protect you from injury. However, it is primarily used as a preparatory procedure for dental implants. Once your bone graft is complete, our team can help you take the next steps on your path to a new smile.

If you would like to learn more about bone grafts and how this procedure can make dental implants a reality for you, then it is time to visit our professionals at Dynamic Dental Care. You can come by our office or call us at to schedule your appointment today.
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