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Dental Bridges
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Are you getting older? How can you tell? Perhaps it’s because you have more squishy places - or less hair. Some people think that teeth - or the lack of teeth - can make you look older than you are. In fact, people began trying to replace their teeth hundreds of years ago when bad dental care caused many people to lose their teeth before they turned 30. In fact, many people who are approaching middle age lose at least one tooth by age 45.

Sixty-nine percent of people over 45 have lost one or more teeth. Replacing those teeth can help you look younger. There are several ways that you can replace your teeth, including bridges. Bridges will help you - and your mouth - feel whole again. Don’t know about bridges? Let Dynamic Dental Care tell you about the miracle of bridges.

What Are Bridges?

Bridges were invented decades ago. They were created to replace teeth that were lost from tooth decay, gum disease, accidents or injuries. Bridges are great for people who can’t eat well and don’t speak clearly because they have lost teeth. Many different types of dental bridges are out there. Bridges are made from a combination of metal, porcelain, plastic or acrylic.

Kinds of Bridges

There are several different types of bridges. Traditional bridges are used most often in practices. Traditional bridges are usually used when someone has lost more than one tooth on one side of their mouth. Sometimes, traditional bridges are used when someone has lost more than one tooth on opposite sides of their mouths. In a traditional bridge, the bridge is placed with cement between two natural teeth, crowns, or dental implants using metal brackets at opposite ends of the bridge. Traditional bridges are used when back teeth, such as molars, are missing.

Another type of bridge can be used to replace teeth that are close to the front of your mouth. When you lose these teeth, you need a bridge that will look nice, but that doesn’t have to withstand a lot of pressure. Cantilever bridges are sometimes used to replace front teeth. They have a bracket at one end that is cemented to a tooth or an implant. There are also bridges that look like butterflies at the ends, that are sometimes used. They are called Maryland bridges. All bridges allow you to regain the look of the teeth that you lost.

Why Do People Need Bridges?

There are many reasons people lose teeth. If you get hit in the face with something, you might lose teeth. You might also lose teeth in an accident, such as a car accident. Sometimes, people lose teeth due to severe tooth decay. This kind of tooth decay leads to people losing teeth. Gum disease can also cause people to lose teeth.

It is always your choice to replace teeth. However, you may want to consider that by not replacing your missing teeth, you could do more harm to your mouth. Your remaining teeth may shift in your jaw to fill in the empty spaces. This can affect your bite. You could even face the loss of bone mass in your jaw. If you need to replace some teeth, give Dynamic Dental Care a call at (509) 466-2587.

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Don't know about bridges? Let Dynamic Dental Care tell you about the miracle of dental bridges. Many different types of dental bridges are out there to help you replace your teeth.
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