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Dental Cleaning
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We love when things are clean. When things are clean, it brings us a sense of peace and comfort. We don’t mind when people come over and visit us, especially when our house smells like a forest or lemons. If you are one of those people who love when things are clean, why wouldn’t you want your teeth cleaned as well? When you start speaking about getting your teeth cleaned, a lot of people start squirming. In fact, more than three-quarters of adults get nervous about coming in to see us, even for a teeth cleaning.

Over 15% of all adults don’t get their teeth cleaned at all. We’re here to tell you that is not a good idea. In fact, not only can we get your teeth sparkly white, but we can also get a head start on diseases that may cause serious illness or death. If you are not sure what we are talking about, here are some facts Dynamic Dental Care thinks you should know about the cleaning process.

The Steps in the Cleaning Process

When we begin the cleaning process, the first thing we do is use a dental mirror to check out all of your mouth structures, including your teeth, gums, tongue and cheeks. Believe it or not, there are several things we are checking for during the dental exam. First, we look at your gums for signs of redness, swelling, or bleeding. All of these issues can spell gum trouble. If we catch it early, we can treat it with no further damage to your gums. We also check your teeth out for tooth decay. If you have a cavity, we can fix it before it can endanger your tooth. Finally, we perform an oral cancer screening by checking your mouth, tongue, and cheeks for spots or bumps that may signal a serious illness, such as cancer.

Perfect Cleaning

Once all of your mouth structures check out, we will then use a dental tool to remove any plaque or tartar at your gumline. If you brush and floss every day, you won’t have a lot of plaque and tartar that needs to be removed. However, it is really important that both plaque and tartar get taken off because they can lead to tooth decay, gum disease and infection. Most people find this process painless. If you are worried about pain or if you are really nervous, it never hurts to talk to us about it before you come in for a cleaning.

Sparkly Clean Teeth

Our favorite part about the dental cleaning process is the actual cleaning process, because it leaves you with shinier, whiter teeth. We may use a baking soda solution to spray your teeth clean, or we may use a tooth polisher with gritty toothpaste. We love giving you a whiter, brighter smile. This part of the cleaning process isn’t difficult at all, and it is painless. We finish your cleaning off by flossing your teeth. Then someone will come in to give your teeth one final check, and you are out the door.

If you are worried about the cleaning process, Dynamic Dental Care can help. Give us a call at (509) 466-2587 and let us help you climb back into the chair, and come away with an incandescent smile!
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Dental exams and cleanings prevent dental issues like gum disease, tooth decay, and discoloration. Call Dynamic Dental Care for high-quality dental cleanings!
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