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If you don’t have all of your teeth, you may be sitting around thinking that you can get by with the teeth you have remaining. You may only have lost a few, or you may have very few remaining teeth. While you can lose one or two teeth, you may be fine. However, if you lose several teeth, it will be more difficult for you to speak or chew food the way you used to. You may be embarrassed, but you don’t have to be. We can help. We can fit you with complete or partial dentures as a way to replace those teeth you lost. Don’t know about dentures? Let Dynamic Dental Care give you some information about them.

What Are Dentures?

Whether you have complete or partial dentures, you need to know that dentures are removable, which means that you can take them out when you need to, such as when you go to sleep. Dentures help you replace the teeth you lost and give your face a more natural look. Dentures are made of a combination of materials such as metal, plastic, porcelain, and acrylic. These materials allow us to make your dentures flexible, but also tough enough to be able to chew whatever you feel like eating. If you get complete dentures, we would replace both your upper and lower teeth. If you have some of your teeth, you may be able to be fitted with partials. Partial dentures can replace two or more teeth on one side or on both sides of your mouth.

Why Might I Need Dentures?

Whether you are missing teeth because of tobacco use, tooth decay, tooth extractions, gum disease, or an injury, they need to be replaced. When you lose teeth, the remaining teeth shift around to try and replace your missing teeth. Also, over time, you can lose bone mass from your jawbone as well as tissues from your gums. As time passes this will eventually change the shape of your face. If you have full or partial dentures, your remaining teeth will stay in place, and the dentures will keep your gum tissue as well as your jawbones healthy. Partial dentures tend to be less expensive than a full set of dentures, and they allow you to keep your remaining teeth. Partial dentures also require daily cleaning the same way full dentures do along with continuing periodontal care. We can also expand partial dentures if you need us to later.

How Dentures Are Made

First, we will use x-rays, pictures, or even old photographs to make a model of your teeth. We use those models to create your dentures. We will then fit your full or partial dentures to your mouth. Over time, we may need to readjust your dentures, especially if you lost teeth due to an injury. However, in most cases, once we fit your dentures to your mouth, you should get many years of use out of them.

Do you have questions about dentures? We love to talk about them because they help our patients so much. Why not give Dynamic Dental Care a call at (509) 466-2587.
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Dentures replace missing teeth, preventing bone mass loss from your jawbone. Call Dynamic Dental Care to learn about your tooth replacement options today!
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