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Multiple Tooth Implant
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3D rendering of mouth with multiple dental implantsDentures are not the only solution to missing teeth. Dental implants, particularly multiple dental implants, can work just as well, if not better, as solutions for missing or damaged teeth. Dr. Huish at Dynamic Dental Care can evaluate your case and determine the best solution for your oral health and wellness. If a single dental implant does not work for you, we will recommend a multiple one.

Who Needs Multiple Tooth Implants?

If you suffer from the following issues, you are a good candidate for a multiple dental implant procedure:

Difficulty Chewing

Chewing is uncomfortable or impossible because you have several missing teeth and are forced to eat soft food.

Shifting Teeth

When a tooth falls out, the teeth next to the gap shift into it, making the whole row crooked.

Gum Disease

Poor dental hygiene causes tooth loss from gum disease. This is often accompanied by bad breath or halitosis.

Bone Loss

When teeth fall out the body tries to heal itself, often leading to bone resorption.

A multiple dental implant is preferable over dental bridges and dentures since they look more like real teeth and don't feel bulky. Plus, they don't need support from adjacent teeth to settle.

What is Involved in a Multiple Dental Implant?

This is what a typical multiple dental implant looks like:

Step 1 - Implants Are Attached to the Jawbone

The dentist scrapes off the gum flaps with a scalpel to reveal the jawbone, or they make a small hole where the bone levels are even. The implants are placed in the space on the bone, and the gum flaps are sutured back into place before the dentist seals the spot with a cap to prevent infection.

It takes three to four months for the implant to bond with the jawbone, creating a sound foundation for the artificial teeth.

Step 2 - Abutments Are Placed

The dentist places the abutments in the implants once the implants have fused with the jawbone. This is a connector that attaches the implants with the artificial teeth. Sometimes, the dentist will ask you to return in two to three weeks to allow the gums to surround the abutments.

Step 3 - Artificial Teeth Are Installed

The dentist attaches the artificial teeth to the bridge or abutment in the next appointment. You will be asked to take a few precautions in the coming weeks to allow the implants to settle.

Benefits of Multiple Dental Implants

Here are just some of the reasons that getting a multiple dental implant is a good idea:

Long Term Solution

Unlike bridges and dentures that must be maintained or replaced, a multiple dental implant has a 97% success rate. It can last for years with proper maintenance, which you can easily do at home.

Preserves Surrounding Teeth

A multiple dental implant will support surrounding teeth, ensuring they don't crowd. The result is a natural and flawless smile that looks and functions naturally. A bridge can destroy surrounding teeth by grinding them down.

Easy Maintenance

Single dental implants and multiple dental implants look and feel like normal teeth, so their upkeep care is easy. Practice good oral hygiene to ensure they last for years.

The longer you wait to get implants, the worse your oral hygiene and dental situation will become. Get a mini dental implant or a multiple one from a skilled dentist at Dynamic Dental Care. Book a consultation today by calling us at (509) 466-2587.

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At Dynamic Dental Care, we can perform single tooth implants as well as multiple tooth implants. Click here to learn more.
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