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Porcelain Crown
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Close up 3D rendering of a shaved down tooth being capped with a porcelain dental crownWe can customize a replacement tooth that looks much more natural. Porcelain crowns match in both color and translucency to your natural teeth. Your replacement teeth can look both beautiful and natural. Working with our staff at Dynamic Dental Care, we can provide the information, including the benefits of each material option for your dental crown and why we think a particular material is best based on the location in your mouth. Most of the time, your most visible teeth will benefit with the use of porcelain.

A dental crown is a tooth shaped cap that we place over a natural tooth or a dental implant. We may suggest a crown for a variety of reasons including if a tooth is damaged, weakened, missing, or even just less attractive, discolored, or misshapen. Crowns can be used to provide an added layer of strength, or to enhance the look of a tooth. Some patients even choose to crown their most visible teeth just to have that perfected, professional look.

Porcelain crowns have increasingly become the material of choice for many patients. This is because:
•  Less Reactions: Porcelain not only looks the most natural, but is much more biocompatible with patients who have problems with allergies or sensitivities to metals. Patients have experienced far less reactions to porcelain material.
•  Stronger than you Think: Porcelain can be more fragile than metal, but it is not generally a problem for front teeth, or when a patient only uses their teeth on food products and are avoiding chewing on pens, pencils, ice, or other non-food materials.
•  Near Perfect Match: Porcelain crowns have the closest look in style, coloring, and light or translucency to natural teeth. Your porcelain crown will be nearly impossible to pick out of your other natural teeth. They look and feel natural.

Placing your Crown

Your porcelain crown is generally placed over two office visits. This time frame may be extended due to preparatory steps such as placing a dental implant. Your first office visit will include a dental exam to discuss the tooth being crowned, why it is being crowned, and what you are looking for. Some patients may be looking to perfect their smile, some may be looking to hide damage, and some may be needing additional strength.

We will create an impression of the tooth and surrounding area. This will help the dental lab match the bite, shape, and size of the tooth. During this visit, we will discuss your material options and what material we think is best based on where the tooth is located that is being crowned. The natural tooth is then decreased in size to accommodate the crown and a temporary crown is placed. All of the information collected during this visit is sent to the dental lab for fabrication.

After we receive your new crown from the lab, we will then contact you to schedule an appointment. The temporary crown is removed, the area is cleaned and prepped. We will then dry fit the new crown and check the bite. Any alterations can be made at this time. Once the fit is correct, we will then cement your new crown in place. Your new crown should last many years. We will review its status at every checkup appointment.
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At Dynamic Dental Care, we only offer the very best in aesthetic and durable restorations. This includes porcelain crowns. Thanks to advances in technology, porcelain has become the preferred cosmetic material.
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