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Six Month Smiles

Smiling man in front of white background Need to quickly get your smile on track but without worrying about the hassles of wearing traditional metal braces? Then you may want to look into Six Month Smiles - a faster alternative to conventional braces. These tooth colored brackets will fix any gaps in your teeth and improve your smile. Six Month Smiles is a treatment that only focuses on the front teeth instead of the ones at the back. The creates faster results with minimal discomfort. The name, Six Month Smiles, comes from the estimated timeline that it takes to straighten your smile. Our expert Dr. Huish at Dynamic Dental Care will carefully evaluate your teeth and decide if you can benefit from Six Months Smiles.

Yes, it is Possible to Straighten Your Teeth in Six Months

Most people assume that braces take years to work - and while that is true in some cases, Six Month Smiles is a procedure that is designed to drastically cut the treatment timeline. But what makes the Six Month Smiles treatment so effective? The truth is, Six Month Smiles only targets your smaller teeth in the front. These teeth are easier to move, allowing our dentists to move them to their desired location more quickly while giving you the cosmetic improvement you really seek.

Lower Risk of Root Resorption

Root resorption is a type of damage that is caused by an injury to the tooth, often due to orthodontic treatment. Some patients may be at a higher risk of getting root resorption compared to others because of their genetic disposition. With that said, Six Month Smiles has a very low likelihood of causing root resorption. This is because it uses more gentle forces over a shorter period of time, which reduces the risk of resorption.

Clear Braces

Most patients aren't too fond of wearing metal braces, even if it is for a few months. This is one area where the Six Months Smile procedure shines over traditional braces. It uses clear braces that are less visible to outside observers. Moreover, the brackets holding the wires to the teeth are made out of clear plastic instead of metal, making them unnoticeable. The best part is that the wire itself is colored after your teeth, so your braces are less likely to stand out. In fact, most people won't even notice your braces until you mention it to them.

Six Month Smiles is Comfortable

You can't put a price on comfort and traditional braces may not be one's idea of a fun time. However, Six Months Smiles is one of the most comfortable orthodontic treatments out there. The treatment applies more gentle forces on your front teeth, which obviously results in less discomfort to you. It should be noted that the gentler forces used in Six Month Smiles may not be ideal for people with temporomandibular joint (TMJ) issues or those who require significant changes to tooth alignment.

Wondering if you're the ideal candidate for Six Month Smiles? Get in touch with our experienced specialists at Dynamic Dental Care by calling (509) 466-2587 and learn about your options!
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