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Have you been to a sporting event lately? We have. We were watching a kid’s soccer game the other day, and we had to wince. One of the goalies on a team took a soccer ball right in the mouth. Because of our profession, we couldn’t help but think - were they wearing a mouthguard? We sure hope so, because that ball hit her with amazing speed. If you are an athlete, or you are the parent of an athlete, you need to look into mouthguards. They may just save your smile - or your child’s. Keep reading, and let Dynamic Dental Care tell you all about mouthguards.

What Are Mouthguards?

We make mouthguards for sports out of plastic that is soft and flexible. We advise any athlete to wear mouthguards because they protect an athlete’s teeth and gums if they suffer a blow to the face. You can wear mouthguards when you are working out with a trainer during a boxing match, when you are running, or even when you are playing a game of catch with your kids in the backyard. The whole purpose of mouthguards is to take the energy from a blow to the mouth and deflect it, which spreads the energy out across your entire mouth so that the focus of the energy isn’t only on one tooth.

Why Are They Important?

There are lots of reasons why people should wear mouthguards. First, did you know that nearly one third of all injuries to athletes are to the mouth or face? That’s a lot of broken teeth, and there are times when damaged teeth can’t be fixed, they have to be removed. When you break a bone in your arm, your doctor can reset it. But when you break a tooth, it has to be crowned, or extracted and replaced with an implant. It is much safer and cheaper to protect your mouth with a mouthguard in the first place. Also, if we have to remove a tooth, it could cause problems with your mouth. Your teeth could shift over time. You could even have changes in the structure of your face, or how your face looks.

How Do I Get A Mouthguard?

The process of getting a mouthguard is very simple. You come in to see us, and we take a quick look at your teeth. Then we use a gel substance to make an impression of your teeth for the mouthguard. That’s it. You will get a call from us when your new mouthguard is done, and you’ll come back in for a fitting. We’ll check your mouthguard to make sure that it fits correctly.

We want to warn you ahead of time. Wearing a mouthguard isn’t always fun. Mouthguards can be a bit uncomfortable to wear. However, we think that you will get used to it over time, especially if we make sure it fits you properly. And it is better to have a mouthguard than to risk a devastating injury without one. Do you have a mouthguard? If you do not, you should probably be talking to us. Give Dynamic Dental Care a call at (509) 466-2587.
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Mouthguards protect an athlete’s teeth and gums from a low to the face. We advise any athlete to wear a mouthguard! Call Dynamic Dental Care to learn more!
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