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3D rendered cross-section view of three teeth with dental crowns made of different materials: porcelain, amalgam, and goldIt goes without saying that we are a fan of crowns. Crowns are awesome because they can cover teeth and make them prettier as well as protect them. People in dentistry have been using crowns for over 4000 years. In fact, people have found remnants of old crowns while they are doing archaeological digs. Archaeologists have found gold crowns and other tooth coverings in the ruins. Modern crowns have been used in dental practice since the 19th century. One dentist used materials to make a cap for a tooth of one of his patients who had a diseased tooth - and the modern crown was born. If you have a tooth that needs protection, or you have a tooth that isn’t what you want it to be, Dynamic Dental Care can help. We would love to give you more information about crowns.

Why Do I Need a Crown?

There are several reasons you might need to get a crown. You might have broken your tooth on something that you ate. Actually, this is one of the common reasons we have to use crowns in our practice. Often, cracking or breaking a tooth happens to adults during their middle years. That’s because those adults were children in the 70s and 80s, when dentists thought the more filling you put in a tooth, the better. We know now that overdrilling and overfilling a tooth with fillings actually leaves them weaker. Those weak teeth are now 30 or 40 years older, and their teeth have seen a lot of work. Those weak teeth are more easily broken than teeth that haven’t been filled.

You could also need a crown because you have tooth decay in the tooth. If you get a cavity, you have to get it filled quickly, because if you don’t, the cavity will continue to grow and weaken the tooth. It can also get into the tooth pulp and cause a lot of pain - as well as an infection. If you come to see us, we can fill the tooth, and clean out the infection, but we also may need to crown the tooth so that we can protect it from any more damage and decay.

We sometimes crown our patient’s teeth that have been injured due to an accident. One of our patients injured a tooth playing WWE with his kids. If that happens, your tooth might become discolored or weakened. We need to crown a tooth for protection. Sometimes, teeth get discolored for several reasons - medication, illness or an accident. We can crown teeth to make sure they stay the same color as all of the other teeth in the patients mouth.

How Do We Place Crowns?

Crowns are really easy to place on your teeth. First, we make a mold of your tooth to make a crown. We may have to put a temporary crown on your tooth. We do that to protect your tooth from any more damage. After we get your crown ready, we grind your tooth down a little, so that the dental cement can adhere to your tooth, and the crown stays on permanently.

It is painless to put a crown on, but we will be happy to discuss the placement of crowns and pain management. Once we get your crown placed, you’ll be all set to go, and no one will be the wiser. If you have questions about crowns, crown placement or caring for a tooth that has been crowned, give Dynamic Dental Care a call at (509) 466-2587.
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If you have a tooth that needs a crown, or you have a tooth that isn’t what you want it to be, Dynamic Dental Care can help! Call us today to schedule an appointment!
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