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Tooth Extraction
Spokane, WA

We know that extraction is a bad word in most cases. Many people worry about this word because it usually means they have to lose something. However, we want you to think about an extraction in a totally different way. We want you to think about extraction in a positive way. In fact, losing one tooth might be just what you need to save your jaw. Not sure what we mean? Dynamic Dental Care wants to give you information about how and why teeth are extracted.

Why You Need to Lose a Tooth

There are actually reasons why you may need to have a tooth extracted. You may need to have a tooth extracted due to tooth decay. Tooth decay, which is caused by bacteria, creates holes in your teeth, which are called cavities. If we can catch the cavity in your tooth early enough, we can fill the hole in your tooth, which saves the tooth and protects it from further decay. However, if we don’t catch the cavity quickly, the cavity can cause real damage to the tooth. We may be able to save the tooth with a root canal. If your tooth is really infected and diseased, we have no choice but to pull your tooth. By pulling your tooth, we can keep the infection from spreading to other teeth or to your gums. In fact, if your tooth is already infected, pulling it may actually cause you less pain.

Sometimes, we have to pull a tooth if you have gum disease, especially if it is severe. Both gum disease and bacteria begin as a small problem. Gum disease starts with your gums sore, red, and inflamed. If you brush and floss daily, you can save your gums from further infection. If the infection continues, the gum disease makes spaces called pockets between your teeth and gums. This can lead to a more serious infection. Over time, gum disease can cause your tissue to deteriorate, and you will lose gum tissue. Your teeth may get infected or fall out as well. Pulling a diseased tooth from a diseased gum may save the teeth around it.

What Happens When a Tooth Is Extracted?

When you hear the words “extraction,” you automatically think about pain. However, we can remove a tooth, even a diseased one, relatively painlessly. Tooth extraction may end your suffering if you have been in pain from a tooth. If we can remove the source of the pain - an infection in your tooth - we can help relieve your pain and headaches. Then we can extract the tooth fairly easily with a tool. The tool loosens the tooth root, and removing the tooth is not difficult at that point. You may find that once the tooth is gone, so are your headaches.

Are you in pain from a tooth right now? Are you trying to figure out what to do for your mouth because when it is throbbing you can’t think of anything else? We understand. Let us help you find a way to feel better, even with a diseased tooth. Give Dynamic Dental Care a call today at (509) 466-2587.
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Tooth Extractions | Dynamic Dental Care - Spokane, WA
While we try to save every tooth, there are times a tooth may need to be extracted. At Dynamic Dental Care we go over all your options with you. Call us today!
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