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Removable Partial Dentures
Spokane, WA

Rendering of removable partial dentureA denture is a removable device for replacing missing teeth. At Dynamic Dental Care, we recommend people who have multiple missing teeth to use dentures.

When Are Partial Dentures Recommended?

For patients who are only missing a few teeth, partial dentures may be a good option for them. Unlike bridges, which are permanently affixed to your teeth with a crown, partials can be removed from your mouth for cleaning. Just like complete dentures, we do require you to take an impression of your mouth to make sure you get a custom fit. Partial dentures fit close to your gum line using a delicate metal frame and skin-colored acrylic. It's important to note that partial dentures aren't just for cosmetics. Over time, missing teeth can cause your existing teeth to shift or drift into the open space, causing pain, a poor bite, and even further tooth loss. Partial dentures can help prevent complications that could arise from having missing teeth. Partial dentures are attached to metal or plastic framework with clasps which hold the device in your mouth. A partial denture is useful for closing a gap left by missing teeth and prevents the remaining teeth from shifting out of position. Partial dentures may be used when the adjacent teeth are not stable or strong enough to be able to hold a dental bridge. When you have partial dentures, you can take them out at night or for cleaning.

What to Expect After Getting Partial Dentures

It may take some time for you to get used to your new dentures:
•  New dentures may feel bulky, awkward and loose in your mouth for the first few days until your mouth adjusts to them. You may also have to practice placing and removing the dentures from your mouth.
•  Dentures may also cause minor irritation in your mouth, like sore gums. In some cases, saliva flow can increase and in others, the patient experiences a dry mouth. These issues will resolve themselves after a few weeks.
•  Eating with your dentures will require some practice. It is better to start with soft or pureed food and then progress to harder food. You will also have to avoid eating hard, sticky and tough food as these can damage your dentures.
•  At first, you may be unable to speak properly with dentures in your mouth. You can practice your speech by speaking aloud difficult-to-pronounce words repeatedly. In time, you will be able to speak normally with your dentures.

When to Use Denture Adhesives

Denture adhesive is a type of paste that can help keep your dentures stay in place by sticking your device to the supporting tissue. A small amount of adhesive is applied to the clean base of the denture to ensure stability. However, dentures creams should never be used to force an ill-fitting denture to stay in place. Using an ill-fitting denture can cause damage to the soft tissues of your mouth.

If you are interested in restorative dentistry and getting partial dentures, schedule an appointment with Dr. Huish by calling us at (509) 466-2587 today.
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A partial denture is a removable appliance held in place by gripping the remaining healthy teeth, usually with metal clasps or wires. Call Dynamic Dental Care today!
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